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☀️ Klezmer Summer Gathering ☀️

5 - 8 July 2024 – Wendland, Germany

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Join us for a summer weekend full of klezmer music in a wonderful seminar house in Wendland in the midst of beautiful nature!

We want to spend time as a community and play klezmer music, far away from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. It's a great opportunity to meet us - Susi, Szilvia and Johannes - and other nice KlezmerPlaybook CLUB members in real life and play music TOGETHER!


Szilvia Csaranko (accordion, piano)

Susi Evans (clarinet)

Johannes P. Gräßer (violin)

The official promoter is KlezWeCan e.V. from Erfurt, with whose philosophy we feel closely connected:  www.klezwecan.de

Where and when?

This seminar house is simply the most beautiful place you can imagine for a weekend like this - the long journey will be worth it, we promise!

Seminarhof Drawehn in Wendland/Germany



Arrival: Friday 5 July 2024 – from 3pm
Departure: Monday 8 July – 2pm (after lunch)

If you can’t arrive until later on Friday (e.g. work, long journey), that's no problem. Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate just for single days. You can find directions on the website of the Seminarhof. We’ll organise a pick-up service from the train station in Schnega and help those who need to find a lift. Email us if you travel from outside Germany and need help with planning your trip.

A few words about the food (which is absolutely delicious!!!): Seminarhaus Drawehn provides vegetarian and vegan full-board and the kitchen team has a lot of experience with all kinds of dietary restrictions and food intolerances.

Who can join?

The Klezmer Summer Gathering is open to all klezmer-loving instrumentalists aged 16 and over. Ideally, you own the Klezmer Playbook and/or regularly attend our CLUB online workshops, but this is absolutely not mandatory. Everyone is warmly invited to spend a great summer weekend full of klezmer music with us!

Please note: participating with diatonic and drone instruments is a bit difficult because klezmer music has many accidentals and we play in all keys. If you want to participate with piano or percussion, please contact Szilvia (mail@shades-of-folk.com) as these instruments can only participate in limited numbers.

What can we expect from the course?

This is all about playing klezmer music - sometimes all together as a large orchestra and sometimes split into smaller ensembles, indoors and outdoors. We will talk about arrangements and give tips on ensemble playing. We will get to know the typical Yiddish dances by dancing and playing along. We will look into the roles of the different instruments in the ensemble and practise how to play klezmer tunes by ear and in jam sessions.

There will be opportunities for jamming, and of course we want to enjoy the nice summer weather and the beautiful nature of Wendland. For us, the focus is on the community experience and we want everyone to feel comfortable and to have fun - without any pressure to perform.

What level do I need to be on my instrument?

You should know your instrument reasonably well and be able to play simple melodies from sight or by ear. Experience with klezmer music is not compulsory but recommended because this is a playing course rather than an Introduction-to-Klezmer workshop (we also do this! Check our wokshops page).
Our repertoire for the weekend will be mainly melodies from the Klezmer Playbook. Ideally, you own the Klezmer Playbook and can already play some of the melodies (but owning the book is not a prerequisite for participation). You will receive a short repertoire list in advance, so you can prepare yourself. We can divide the group in various ways. There will definitely be a 'slow & easy' group as well as an ensemble for the more advanced players and let's see what else we can think of. If you've never played in a large group before, you'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much fun it is!

How much does it cost?

You pay a course fee as well as three overnight stays with full board in a beautiful seminar house. The total amount depends on what type of accomodation you book and your course fee. It's best to have a look at the overview table ;-)
Accomodation full board:   Single room - 285 €  |  Twin room - 225 €  |  3-bed room, camping - 195 €
Course fee:   patron - 250 € or more  |  standard - 220 €  |  reduced - 110 €


The prices for accomodation and full board are set by the seminar house and we can't reduce them. But we would like people with lower incomes to be able to participate, which is why we have a tiered pricing model for the course fee. If you feel able to make a higher contribution you will enable people with very little financial means to participate, and for that we really appreciate your generosity!

The exact price breakdown and more detailed information about the accomodation can also be found in the registration form.
The exact price breakdown and more detailed information about the accomodation can also be found in the registration form.

If you can't afford the reduced entry fee yourself - and we really understand! – please write us an email and we will find a solution. Please also ask friends and acquaintances if they can offer any financial help.

How do I sign up?

Please fill in the Google form. You will then receive an email from us with the payment details and further information. Your registration becomes binding as soon as you transfer a deposit of 150 €. The remaining amount is due on 20th June, 2024. We recommend a seminar cancellation insurance before you register.

Conditions of participation

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