Susi Evans & Szilvia Csaranko

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Clarinet & accordion folk and klezmer music duo from London & Hannover

Susi & Szilvia are “a brilliant duo” (Songlines), who are passionate about the tradition of klezmer music and other European folk styles.

☀️Klezmer Summer Gathering 5-8 July 2024☀️

Jin us for a weekend in a beautiful seminar house in Wendland/Germany, all to ourselves, where we will play Klezmer music all day long!

Registration is open - click here!!!

Concert dates Germany:

London Klezmer Quartet – Germany tour June 2024
Susi Evans (clarinet)
Indra Buraczewska (vocals/bass)
Szilvia Csaranko (accordion)
special guest: Zoë Aqua (violin)

London Klezmer Quartet: From the Baltics to the Black Sea
Friday 28 June – 7pm
Harzburger Musiktage – Internationale Festspiele

London Klezmer Quartet: From the Baltics to the Black Sea
Saturday 29 June – 5pm
private concert, Hannover

London Klezmer Quartet: From the Baltics to the Black Sea
Sunday 30 June – 7pm
Kloster Walsrode

Summer dates: please see our Workshop page


Beautiful Music from Old Manuscripts
Wednesday 4 September – 8pm
Klezmer with Friends, Leipzig


Tanzhaus Lister Turm – Yiddish dance evening
Friday 27 September – 7.30pm
special guest: Peter Sint-Nicolaas (trumpet, dance leader)
Tanzhaus Lister Turm, Hannover

Beautiful Music from Old Manuscripts

Sunday 29 September – 5pm
St. Martin Kirche, Wrisbergholzen



Klezmerorchester Erfurt – Concert
Saturday 5 October – 8pm
St. Thomas Kirche, Erfurt


Klezmer from the New World
Friday 11 October
Kulturhof Velbrück



Beautiful Music from Old Manuscripts

Saturday 12 October
Theater 1, Bad Münstereifel


New CD: Fun an Altn Klezmer Heft!

Beautiful Music from Old Manusripts

Old Yiddish melodies ring out in beautiful new arrangements of wedding and festival music from Jewish Eastern Europe.

This music was thought to be lost and has not been heard or played for over 100 years - until today!

Order CD & tune book from us:

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Susi Evans & Szilvia Csaranko